DG ISPR says great nations always remember their martyrs

ISLAMABAD: The general director of public relations between services (ISPR), Major General Asif Ghafoor, said Thursday that the great nations always remember their martyrs.

“The great nations always remember their martyrs … I request that all Pakistanis communicate with the families that sacrificed their lives for the homeland,” DG ISPR said while speaking on a private news channel on Thursday.

In paying tribute to the martyrs of the country, he said: “It is not only the army that has sacrificed itself in the war on terror … more civilians have died than army personnel.”

He said that more than 81,000 security personnel had made supreme sacrifices for the defense of the country.

Pakistan’s army had been standing with the Kashmiris for the past 72 years and would support them until they achieved their right to self-determination, he added.

He said that unfortunately, the world had not focused on solving the Kashmir problem in the past.

Ghafoor said that the Kashmir problem had become an international problem after the atrocities of the Indian government in the occupied valley.

DG ISPR said the current government was active on diplomatic fronts to defeat Indian movements in occupied Kashmir.

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