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Relations with Israel: Interesting suggestions start pouring in for Pakistani govt

LAHORE: At a time when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could embark on a brief trip to India this month before Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi flies to New York for the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly Suddenly some “intriguing suggestions” appeared on social networks. Pakistan network for the current regime led by ….  Read More

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Not guilty, but guilty?

We had long desired that life be breathed in the process of judicial responsibility to ensure that justice dispensers remain at a high level of probity while judging fellow citizens. The wish came true. But the kind of responsibility that has been exhibited ranges from rookie-style hazing to good witch hunts. No one knows what ….  Read More

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Professor picked up from Karachi airport

KARACHI: The professor at Mehran Engineering University and renowned writer and intellectual from Sindh Inam Bhatti disappeared from Karachi airport on Wednesday morning. According to a video, Professor Inam Bhatti of the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, was kidnapped by strangers at the Karachi airport facilities. According to family sources, Professor Bhatti ….  Read More